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Experienced Counsel

There is a lot more to developing your business than finding a petroleum supplier.  Are you considering a fuel brand change? Are you considering a private fuel brand? We have a half century of experience and expertise in independent petroleum retailing, from economic analysis to site selection, from the brand alternatives to the details of equipment selection and environmental compliance.

Thorough Assessment

Our business depends on your long-term success. So you can draw on our decades of experience and expertise for competent analysis and feedback to help you succeed in a crowded landscape and a changing market.

You’ll get thoughtful evaluation and honest dialog about your project and all the elements critical to helping you develop a profitable and sustainable business.

  • Site evaluation – particularly in the context of the competition and the branding alternatives
  • Project economic analysis – we help you make the right decision up front
  • Fuel offering – branded or unbranded? We will carefully guide you through this complex decision, clarifying and evaluating:
    • Market share
    • Historical pricing
    • Credit card penetration
    • On- and Off-site marketing
    • Value and cost of a major brand vs. flexibility in supply and price of an independent fuel offer
    • Renewables – biodiesel, E-10, E-85 – and how they fit in your offering
  • Facility design, layout and equipment selection guidance – we have experience with the details
  • Operational counseling on the ABCs of petroleum retailing, merchandising, and environmental compliance. Everything you need to be ready the day you open the doors.
note: wholesale is below

Choice and Availability

Fuel supply options are more important than ever. Branded and unbranded, Cary Oil customers have opportunities to leverage both at scores of terminal racks from New Mexico to Pennsylvania. You can expand your market with a wide choice of brands from Cary Oil, whether within your community or in new markets.

Branded Co-Marketing

Branded fuel wholesalers spend decades developing quality retail sites that enhance the value of the fuel brand. And yet, the bar keeps getting higher and higher to continue to grow that brand. To meet this challenge, Cary Oil offers a transparent branded co-marketing solution. That’s why you should talk to Cary Oil about branded co-marketing. As a leading branded marketer for BP, Chevron, CITGO, Conoco Philips, Exxon, Mobil, Marathon, Shell, Sunoco, Texaco and Valero, Cary Oil can solve the contract minimum dilemma and ensure that you maintain a connection to the brands and retailer relationships you have developed over the years.

Credit Flexibility

Through Cary Oil’s successful and proven co-marketing branded arrangements, wholesalers can focus on profitable growth without the burden of branded contract minimums. We can also expand your private-brand supply alternatives at the same time through more efficient trade credit utilization. You can grow your business within your immediate territory by serving more retailers with more brands than you can today.

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