Biodiesel, Ethanol Blends & Kerosene

Alternative products comprise an increasing proportion of the transportation fuel supply stream. Ethanol and biodiesel blends help meet US requirements for alternative fuel sources. Through our network of terminals and suppliers we can offer practically any blend of gasoline/ethanol or biodiesel to help wholesalers or end users satisfy their alternative fuel needs.

With experience in storage and distribution system preparation, equipment and product sourcing Cary Oil helps you seamlessly integrate alternative fuels into your business.

The Cary Oil Difference: Values

If you don’t know us yet, we think you’ll appreciate the values we live and work by. We are sincerely dedicated to your success. We are honest. We are transparent in our contracts, in our dealings with our customers, and with our suppliers.

We are ready to help you manage the complexities of fuel supply and growing your business. We will assist in every way we can. We want you to succeed.

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A Big Footprint of Pull Points

Cary Oil’s broad network of pull points extends the reach of your credit. It means local availability of kerosene. And with a footprint that covers the Southeast, local disruptions don’t interrupt your supply.

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