Triangle Brand from Cary Oil

Big Brand Benefits without the Hassle and Cost

The Triangle brand projects the first-class image and design that attracts customers who want quality fuel from a retailer they trust. The clean lines and smart design break through the visual clutter to present a welcoming, attractive fuel center. From the bold, clear LED sign to the crisp lines on the canopy, right down to your dispensers, the Triangle image makes a powerful statement and promise of quality.

Top Tier Fuel Quality and Availability

You can trust Cary Oil to provide the gas and diesel fuel you need from one of the largest networks of terminals and suppliers around so you can have confidence in a dependable supply of Triangle brand fuels. Of course, it’s always going to be a lower-cost alternative to major branded fuel. You can’t buy better fuel quality.

Big Brand Benefits, No Hassles

Just like the major brands, Triangle has customer appeal. But you don’t have the site requirements that come with major brand contracts. You can keep your store’s brand and maintain the awareness and customer loyalty you have worked so hard to create. If you’re considering an upgrade or expansion, we can help you plan the process, save you money on equipment costs with our Preferred Vendor Program, and even provide financing services.

All the Support You Need to Succeed

Triangle brand retailers get everything they need to succeed.

Image:    Cary Oil offers image support with every supply contract to cover LED signage where allowed, canopy and dispenser graphics for a clean, attractive image. Of course, we can provide your staff with uniforms that extend your professional profile.

Brand Manager Support:   A Triangle brand specialist will help you make the most of every opportunity to increase your sales volumes both outside and inside your location.

Credit Card Processing:    You won’t find a better deal than the one you get with Triangle credit card processing. Not just low fees, but no hidden charges, free fraud protection insurance, and statements as easy to read as a grocery receipt. All with faster payments and daily reconciliation. And we can provide gift cards and secure check acceptance.

Customer Service:   Cary Oil offers you daily market updates, a complete dealer handbook, online access to your account 24/7, and automated supply management to minimize your fuel costs while maintaining your fuel supply.

Snapshot:  With the Snapshot customer portal you can have anytime access to your account for pricing, accounting, and order information.  We’ll show you volume and price trends and provide one point of access to help manage your relationship with Cary Oil.   

Contact Cary Oil today to learn how the Triangle Brand can shape up your business!

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