Why Choose Cary Oil?

You deserve more from your distributor than just fuel supply.

  • Cary Oil’s Preferred Vendor Program saves you money on the equipment you buy.
  • Cary Oil’s credit card processing program can save unbranded fuel dealers hundreds.
  • Cary Oil won’t compete with you. We don’t operate any retail locations.

Branded Fuel Support to Maximize Your Profits

Branded Marketing Support from Cary Oil means you get every ounce of value from your brand on every promotion or program offered by the brand, ensures that you understand what your options are, and helps you increase sales. Cary Oil is ready to help you by offering assistance with mystery shop scores, merchandising support, and strategies to help you build your margins both outside and inside.

Preferred Vendor Program

Cary Oil offers you big discounts to some of the most important equipment and services you already buy so you can enjoy substantial discounts on dispensers and point of sale equipment. And for unbranded fuel retailers, Cary Oil offers an unbeatable credit card processing program.

The Cary Oil Difference

We think you’ll appreciate the values we practice. We are sincerely dedicated to your success. We are honest. We are transparent in our contracts, in our dealings with our customers, and with our suppliers. While our handshake is as good as our contract, our contracts spell out every detail so there’s never a misunderstanding.  At Cary Oil we are committed to earning your trust. We don’t operate any retail outlets. We won’t compete against you. We won’t promise something we can’t deliver.


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