Preferred Vendor Program

When you team up with Cary Oil as your fuel provider, you are automatically included in our Preferred Vendor Program, and you can start saving on the products and equipment you already use.

You can have access at a big discount to some of the most important equipment and services you already use. For example, if you are planning to upgrade or expand your fuel dispensers or point-of-sale card readers, you can get the same discounts as companies that buy in large quantities. Since Cary Oil is among the very largest providers of branded and unbranded fuels, we enjoy preferred discounts on dispensers and point of sale equipment. As a Cary Oil customer, you’re welcome to take advantage of the same deals!

Preferred Response Time and Billing Convenience

And the benefits are not just pricing; you can get preferred response to your service requests, too. As a preferred vendor participant, you can get faster response to your call for service, preferred rates for services, and the convenience of billing through your Cary Oil account.

So if you need prompt service from top quality techniciansdiscounts on point of sale and dispensing equipment, and the convenience of direct billing through your Cary Oil account, sign up today for the Cary Oil Preferred Vendor Program!

Want to learn more about Cary Oil’s Preferred Vendor Program? Click Here

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