Yam City Oil

“With Cary Oil, they represent many brands and tremendous volumes, and they are much more flexible on meeting minimum requirements…Cary Oil buys for a lot of people in a similar position as I am. The benefit to me is I can share with other marketers and we all profit.” view video >>

JIMMY GARRELL | President, Yam City Oil | Tabor City, NC

Lakeside SHELL

“Cary Oil is doing a really good job. They are ethical and professional. Even though they are a big company they take care of my needs. The invoices are always billed on time. There is no quota system. Everything is perfect so I can focus on things other than buying gas and paying for it.”   view video >>

AMIN CAPTAIN | Owner, Lakeside Shell | Buford, GA

Jordan Oil Company

“I’m high on Cary Oil. I just feel like they’re people first and they treat you like one of their own. I’ve been really happy with them. They’ve always been above board and honest and fair with me.” view video >>

LARRY JORDAN | Chairman, Jordan Oil Company | Apex, NC

One Smart Stop

“They have a better allocation process than our secondary supplier. During Hurricane Katrina, fuel allocation was spotty/ Cary Oil kept my tanks full during that natural disaster. I have not forgotten how they stood behind me.” view video >>

VINCENT NGUYEN | Owner, One Smart Stop | Rock Hill, SC

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