Why Choose Cary Oil?

You deserve more than just a fuel supplier.

Cary Oil is committed your success with our programs and services. Cary Oil has access to a broad range of branded and unbranded fuels from one of the region’s largest network of terminal racks. This allows you to take on more brands and service more retailers.

But that’s just the beginning.

Programs and Services That Make a Bottom-Line Difference

We understand the pressures on your business and we have several programs to help you make the most of every sales and profit opportunity. In addition to the top branded, unbranded, and private-branded fuels, Cary Oil has programs that make a real difference in your business.

  • Branded Co-Marketing
    If you are having difficulty with branded contract minimums, Cary Oil has a way for you to maintain your relationship with the brand that you have invested valuable time and energy to build up in your market. We offer a transparent branded co-marketing solution. As a leading branded marketer for BP, Chevron, CITGO, Conoco Philips, ExxonMobil, Marathon, Shell, Sunoco, Texaco, and Valero; Cary Oil solves your contract minimum dilemma. You can continue to service the brand you have worked so hard to deliver to your retailers. What’s more, this can free up your credit lines so you have the opportunity to provide additional fuel options. You can grow your business by serving more dealers.
  • Credit risk management and back office support
    To maintain a healthy profit margin it makes sense to reduce your own costs of operation and improve your creditworthiness. We can help you streamline your back-office services to lower your overhead and provide more financial flexibility. We can help you manage your credit policies with your customers to maximize your volume and minimize your credit risk. We can help you manage and upgrade your accounting, billing and credit operations.
  • Dealer Support Services
    Providing branded marketing support to dealers requires a substantial investment in people and money. If you like, Cary Oil has expert brand managers available to help your dealers improve mystery shop scores, merchandising, equipment and services, and even credit card processing.
  • Preferred Vendor Program
    Every benefit you can pass along to your customers gives you a competitive edge. Through Cary Oil, you can offer retailers big discounts to some of the most important equipment and services they already buy. Cary Oil enjoys substantial discounts on dispensers and point of sale equipment. And for unbranded fuel retailers, Cary Oil offers an unbeatable credit card processing program.

Contact your Cary Oil representative today to see all the ways Cary Oil can help you grow your business.


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