Heating Oil Distributors

Dependable Supply – Competitive Price

The home heating oil landscape is increasingly complex: Outages. Allocations. Credit limits and volatile prices. And Cary Oil has been in this market from our beginning.

A Big Footprint of Pull Points

Cary Oil’s broad network of pull points extends the reach of your credit. It means local availability of home heating oil and kerosene. And with a footprint that covers the Southeast, local disruptions don’t interrupt your supply. Through Cary Oil’s supply network, heating oil distributors can turn price volatility and supply disruptions into opportunities.

We Offer More Than Just Supply; We offer Supply Intelligence

By offering heating oil distributors a view of the market further upstream — beyond the daily rack price — Cary Oil expands opportunities beyond traditional supply options. Our Supply Intelligence means that we work closely with our jobber and wholesaler customers to evaluate all the factors and buying options. It also means sharing time and actionable market information to help you make the right fuel buying decisions every day.

Supply Intelligence means making sure you know where supplies are, how to leverage Gulf Coast pricing options, even the occasional arbitrage opportunity.

Supply Intelligence is not just offering you more choices, it’s analysis and consultation to simplify the process of making the best supply choice.

The Cary Oil Difference: Values

If you don’t know us yet, we think you’ll appreciate the values we live and work by. We are sincerely dedicated to your success. We are ready to help you manage the complexities of fuel supply and growing your business. We will assist in every way we can. We want you to succeed.

At Cary Oil we are committed to earning your trust. We will work with you on government or other contract bids. We won’t promise something we can’t deliver.

We are ready to help you manage the complexities of branded supply and growing your business. We will assist in every way we can, from comprehensive billing and invoicing assistance, market intelligence, credit management, and project evaluations for your operation. We want you to succeed.

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