Retail Advantage Program

Retail Advantage Program

We don’t just save you money. We help you make more. Guaranteed.

Get the Advantage.

Our Retail Advantage Program is different than the average buying group that offers discounts on purchases. RAP Is a true store support program that actually saves you money on goods and services. In fact, the average store saves $6000 a year. Of course, saving money is just the beginning.

Complete Merchandising and Marketing support.

Our category experts not only advise on best practices, they develop a customized merchandising plan for your store. Our team then comes to you to do the hard part, resetting your store for success. Our primary goal is to help you make more money.

  • National Vendor Pricing
  • Personalized Merchandising and Marketing Support
  • Convenience Store Advice and Consultation

View the Retail Advantage Program Rebates.

Retail Advantage Valued Customer Program

As a Retail Advantage Participant you receive services and benefits based on your purchase level from H.T. Hackney.

Avg. Weekly Hackney Purchases$2k - $2,499$2.5k - $3,999$4k - $5,999$6k - $7,999$8k - $9,999$10k+
Store Retagging
Bi-Monthly Hackney Rep Store Visit
Monthly Hackney Rep Store Visit
Bi-Weekly Hackney Rep Visit
Reclaim (Credit for Out-of-Date Merch)
Hackney Show - 1 Day Hotel
Hackney Show - 2 Day Hotel
Hackney Show - Goodie Bag
Hackney Show - Dinner Invitation
Holiday Gift Basket (Subject to Change)
Quarterly Electronic Sales Review
Annual Business Review
Business Analysis & Recommendations
Personalized Floor plan Design
Store Design / Rendering ($10k value)
Labor, Merchandising Reset ($1.5k value)
Annual Store Reset Available
Free Shelving Equipment Pkg (5yrs)

For our fuel customers.

Our Retail Advantage Program is something we offer exclusively to our fuel customers. Our goal is to make you as successful as possible with the following vendors and programs:

  • Grocery
  • Beverage
  • Snacks
  • Equipment
  • Services
  • Merchandising
Retail Advantage Program

Our Process

Our Retail Advantage Program can have a huge, positive impact on your business. And we have a proven process to get you there, and ensure success.

Pain Point Assessment

We take the time to understand decision points, key drivers and value potential for your site.

Savings Opportunity Analysis

We review your store invoices to determine potential cost savings with RAP.

Vendor Review

Then we assess current vendor relationships to identify opportunities to improve product quality while increasing savings.

Build Execution Plan

Once program agreement is signed and the fee paid, confidential pricing information is shared and a comprehensive roll-out blueprint including key activities and deliverables is developed.

Site Layout Consultation and Equipment Evaluation

As part of our unique offer, we conduct an in-person review of your location and present options to increase customer flow, incremental sales, and theft prevention.

Execute Store Reset

We coordinate ordering and delivery of equipment and labor to refresh site layout.

Impact Assessment

Then we measure store sales and Rebates and Allowances to track the RAP program’s impact on independent retailers.

Feedback Loop

We don’t just leave you on your own—our ongoing support continues to lower costs, maximize store floor plans, improve offerings, and leverage new vendor programs.

Ready to get started?

Contact us at or call 919-462-6732 and ask to speak to the RAP Coordinator.

Retail Advantage Program
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