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Cary Oil lets you expand your options for fuel supply. Branded or unbranded, with Cary Oil you can be confident of availability of the fuel you need at a price that keeps you competitive. Whether you have one site or a hundred sites, Cary Oil is ready to help you with purchasing strategies to strengthen your business.   wholesaler|retailer

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Our large distribution network gives you access to nearly every available fuel supply option. As one of the nation’s largest fuel wholesalers, we understand how important it is that you have the fuel you need when and where you need it. And we are committed to keeping you competitive.  wholesaler|retailer

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You deserve more than just a fuel supplier. Cary Oil has the depth of staff with years of experience in market conditions as volatile as today. And we have the programs and people in place to simplify the complexity and rapid changes are a part of your daily routine. wholesaler|retailer

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We have a history of improving the performance of our customers, whether by sharpening logistics and operations, merchandising, maximizing branded fuel benefits, or improving unbranded fuel volume.  wholesaler|retailer

The petroleum supply landscape changes by the moment. That’s why progressive retailers and expanding wholesalers choose Cary Oil as their supplier. From the broadest availability of branded fuel products and supporting services to the deepest availability of unbranded products, Cary Oil strengthens resellers throughout its market area. Through new technology and trusted, personalized advice, Cary Oil helps resellers focus on improving their core operations. That’s “Supply. Simplified.”

Connected to You

Time is money. You have a lot to do. Our technology delivers content across an array of devices so you can manage your fuel category from anywhere.  wholesaler|retailer

Cary Oil Values

At Cary Oil, we focus on straight talk, honest answers, keeping our word, and staying loyal to our customers. When you deal with us, you’ll get exactly what we promise, or more. wholesaler|retailer

Bottom Line Results

After all the talk and the ink is dry on your contract is when you find out just how well your business will do. When it comes to your bottom line, we’re just as serious as you are. wholesaler|retailer