Card Processing Program

A simpler, more transparent approach to card processing.

At Cary Oil, our goal is to bring our customers the best credit card processing program available. We do this with things like competitive rates and easy-to-understand statements, whether your customers operate one store or ten. No more stacks and stacks of confusing transaction statements or having to wait for payment. With PIX™ card processing you lower the rates and stress levels for your customers:

    • Low rates—we think the lowest you’ll find anywhere
    • No hidden charges
    • EMV Compliant Equipment Purchasing Program
    • EBT/SNAP Capability
    • Speedy settlement for all card types
    • All major bank, fleet and debit cards accepted
    • Fraud protection
    • AVS/ZIP code verification
    • Optional firewall protection
    • Choice of Internet and dial-up communications
    • Confidence that comes with a Major Provider

PIX™ is powered by Heartland, an industry leader in fraud protection, customer service, PCI compliance, and transparent reporting. With our favorable volume discounts, we pass these savings along to you.

Learn more about PIX™ and how easy it is to get set up.

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