Carri Bojara

VP, Marketing & Communications

With a visionary zeal, Carri spearheads Cary Oil’s multifaceted endeavors in brand stewardship, customer engagement, and industry advocacy. Her story unfolds as a tapestry woven from a diverse background and anchored in an unwavering commitment to maintaining our reputational capital.

Carri’s path to leadership at Cary Oil was paved with milestones of excellence in advertising agencies. Rising through the ranks, she served many Fortune 500 companies, primarily B2B enterprises. Her passion for aligning brand narratives with a customer-centric approach has been a guiding light throughout her career.

Carri is a proud alumna of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where she earned a BS in Marketing.

With roots in western New York, she has embraced Cary as her home for nearly 25 years. In her leisure moments, Carri finds solace amidst the waves of the beach and in the tranquility of her garden. Additionally, Carri channels her passion for social responsibility by volunteering with organizations combatting food insecurity, embodying the Cary Oil ethos of giving back.

Carri’s nurturing spirit extends to her personal life, where she cherishes the roles of mother (to her grown son) and daughter (to her Mom that lives nearby).

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